Bestselling Large Hiking Backpacks (6000ci range)

Large Hiking Backpacks – Bestselling and Best Rated

For this category of “large” hiking backpacks we consider those in or around the range of 6000 cubic inches capacity and larger, good for one or two week long rugged camping trips.

The Bestselling and Top Rated Large Hiking Backpack

CUSCUS 120L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

CUSCUS 120L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack Front and Back photoThe CUSCUS 120L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack is a top seller for many reasons.  It is highly adjustable to fit a wide spectrum of sizes.  Many easy to use individual pockets. Nice top main compartment which is easy to get to and sizable.  Sizable side compartments and a ton of places to hang things.  Big pockets, padded straps and sturdy adjustable loops for anything from tent poles to climbing gear. Very durable. It’s an amazing bag for anyone to use while trekking through the wild parts.

And what we like most is the price. You get a lot of bang for your buck. These are generally available in the $75 to $90 price range, and most packs of this size and quality will be hard to find for that low of a price point.  It is very affordable and the quality for that price is unheard of which makes it great as a gift also.  There are many happy owners writing favorable reviews on Amazon that these packs over deliver in quality at this price point

Overall, this is a great option, and it is no surprise it is a great seller on Amazon and is highly rated and reviewed by many owners.

Here is our complete list of top rated and top selling hiking backpacks

  1. CUSCUS 120L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
  2. High Sierra Long Trail 90L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
  3. CUSCUS 6200ci 88L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
  4. Harvest 7000ci Internal Frame Hiking Backpack (by K-Cliffs)
  5. CUSCUS 7500ci 120L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
  6. ATI Tahoe85 85L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
  7. K-Cliffs 7000ci  Harvest Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
  8. ATI Sierra80 80L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

The above list is our list of top selling and top rated larger capacity hiking backpacks on Amazon. They are all available for incredible deals as we have found Amazon to be one of the best places to purchase hiking and camping equipment at cheap prices – you can click on any of the hiking pack names above to get more information.

The list above covers a diverse range of larger capacities from a variety of manufacturers. They cover multiple uses and durability levels and a variety of prices. This is a great starting list if you are looking for specific criteria and want to compare and contrast a wide variety of hiking bags. It also gives you the lowdown on what hiking backpacks are generally the most popular with buyers.

If you are searching for hiking packs as a gift or for yourself, chances are high you will find one of the above listed backpacks will fit your needs perfectly.

When searching online, as mentioned above, these hiking backpacks are available on Amazon at some very reasonable prices.

(For more info on sizing, check our buying guide for hiking backpacks).

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