Guerrilla Packs 65L Furia Internal Frame Hiking Camping Travel Backpack

Guerrilla Packs are built by backpackers for backpackers. GP produces the highest quality products supported by the best customer service in the industry. As the first and only brand to integrate features including padded laptop cases, cell phone pouches, and lockable zippers into heavy duty internal frame backpacks, Guerrilla packs has made a name for themselves in the niche of modern day hikers. With the Guerrilla Packs 65L Furia Internal Frame Hiking Camping Travel Backpack, you get a 65 liter hiking backpack that comes with a plethora of awesome features. Let’s check it out:

Guerrilla Packs 65L Furia Internal Frame Hiking Camping Travel BackpackPrice Range: $80 – $100

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Weight: 4.8 lbs

Capacity: 65 Liters / 4,125 Cubic Inches

Three Convenient Loading points: Top, Front, & Sides (3 Compartments)

Detachable Laptop Padded Sleeve Shoulder Bag

Guerrilla Packs 65L Furia Internal Frame Hiking Camping Travel Backpack Product Information

The Guerrilla Packs 65L Furia is born and bred with usability in mind and is made for the backpacker who may not know where they are headed. The bag fits any body type and can adapt to fit any location. It contains a wet clothes pocket, compass, thermometer, water bottle holder, removable laptop pouch, cell phone pouch, & camera pouch. It was made for that spur of the moment weekend trip to Niagara Falls, but will keep you stocked on that multi-day outdoor hiking trip.

For comfortable hiking, features aluminum internal frame, fully adjustable shoulder strap placements, fully adjustable hip strap and straps, and padded compartments for all your electronics: laptop, cel phone, digital camera, and more.

This is a durable pack that you can use to keep all your electronics, personal items, and hiking materials safe. Great for backpack trips, outdoor hikes, extended travel trips, and other outdoor adventures.

What’s To Like About The Guerrilla Packs 65L Furia Internal Frame Hiking Camping Travel Backpack

  • This bag was specifically designed to be fully adjustable to fit pretty much all body types. You can adjust the elevation of your shoulder straps on the pack to tune it perfectly to your height.
  • Even has a built in compass and thermometer
  • Water resistant
  • Made of non-rip industrial light weight polyester and nylon
  • Great price!
  • Fabric is durable for its price range (not the same as a $200 pack, but great for the under $100 range)

Be aware of..

  • The strap for the waist buckle may loosen up every now and then, possibly inconvenient but easy to re-strap again
  • Smallish sleeping bag compartment
  • The hydration compartment is not really separate from the main compartment. Be careful when you have a laptop in there.

Overall: For this price range, for a straight hiking backpack, we still like the Teton packs better such as this one and this one. We like those a bit better for when you really want to rough it (especially for the zipper quality). What Guerrilla gives you are the padded compartments for the “modern conveniences” like laptops and digital cameras. We can imagine this being our pack of choice more for European backpacking or extended touristy-type trips. It even looks really great too! The Guerrilla Packs 65L Furia Internal Frame Hiking Camping Travel Backpack is a great buy for this and gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

What Buyers Are Saying:

“I bought this pack for an 8 day Euro-trip. I did not want to spend $200 on a pack that I would only use every now and then and that may fall apart. For the cost, this pack worked out great. I ran the pack ragged and it is still in one piece. I accidentally separated the lining at the opening of the top compartment (my fault), but other than that everything held up great. Overall, I would recommend this pack and I am very impressed with Guerilla Packs. I live in the Caribbean and travel back and forth to the US a few times a year. I will probably incorporate this pack into my baggage collection as it was easy to travel with…(READ MORE)”

“Sweet deal! For the price, this thing is nice. Lots of space and good size for my wife and I being that we’re both 5’6. Tall people would not be fans of this pack. The construction is solid and it’s got a lot of compartments for lots of useful stuff. Overall, I’m impressed and will be ordering another one very soon…(READ MORE)”

“Just bought this backpack and to test it out I asked my 6-year old to jump inside while I carried him around (which he loves. I guess it makes him feel like Yoda). Immediately I noticed that the hip strap buckle needed to be replaced as it came half unbuckled when a load was placed on it. I also noticed a few loose stitches inside the main cargo area. Other than that it seems like a nice backpack for the price. I hope to try it out as soon as the snow melts and will post how it functions in the field…(READ MORE)”

* see all reviews here

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

For full details or to buy the Guerrilla Packs 65L Furia Internal Frame Hiking Camping Travel Backpack now, click here.

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