A Hiking Backpack For Your Gear..And Your Child?

As a result of our post of this article: Teaching My Daughter How To Hike: Did I Do Such A Bad Thing?, we got this link from someone.

“Hey, you can combine the efforts and have daughter ride on his back.”

To which he followed up with this link:

On GizMag.com… it’s a hiking backpack (really a daypack) that allows you to carry not just your essentials like snacks and water, but also your child!

The Piggyback Rider Backpack is an interesting and innovative way to carry your child on your back. They have continued to improve their backpack as feedback comes in on what other kind of storage capabilities are desired. So you can pack your essentials as well as have a place for your child to essentially stand on your back.

“At last year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market industry trade show, the newly introduced Piggyback Rider earned itself a Best New Product Award. Piggyback Rider is hoping to ride some of that momentum into this summer’s show in introducing the new Piggyback Rider XL Backpack. Unlike the original model, which is basically just a shoulder harness and frame, the new model is a full day pack with the foot bar integrated into its own pouch. Dads and moms can use it to haul gear at the same time as carrying their children.”

This is a fantastic way to take the whole family hiking, especially for the more athletic and in-shape parents who can outlast their children on normal hikes. Now they can go farther with you toting them! (Or maybe you just won’t go as far)

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