Fun Photo Essay: A Family Hike At Read Mountain Preserve

Just came across a really fun photo blog entry of a family’s hike (IN JANUARY) to Read Mountain Preserve (Roanoke, Virginia). Really fun photos and description here: Adventures In Blue Ridge Mountain Living

I really wanted to just copy and paste the entire blog entry here because it is really adorable, but I think it’s more fair (and much better) for you to visit their blog :)

But I’ll copy and paste her description for you here – but to see the awesome photos, go check out the blog post.

” A couple of weeks ago we decided to go for a hike. The temps weren’t too bad – in the 40s with a very chilly wind. We headed to Read Mountain Preserve. It’s a 1.9 mile hike to the top.”

” This is Reid. He thinks Read Mountain is his mountain. On the hike, his brother Cort proudly told each passing hiker, “We’re on Read Mountain. And this is Reid!”.

” It was uphill the whole way, but none of it was very steep, so it’s a good hike to do with kids. “

and so on :) Seriously, go check out their blog post!

Have a great day!

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