How To Pack Your Hiking Backpack

I’ve been meaning to write a nice little guide for how to pack your hiking backpack. After all, a hiking bacpack can only help you distribute the load so much – a lot of it depends on how well you pack your gear so taht the weight is distributed well and not pulling you

Until then, in my nice little trawling around the internet I found this nice little guide published by the American Hiking Society last week:

How To Pack A Back Pack by the American Hiking Society

“A correctly organized backpack will make your hike even more comfortable. Regardless of how in shape you might be, incorrectly packing a backpack can quickly lead to overexertion on even the simplest of hikes. Here are a few tips to make your backpack as comfortable as possible. Keep in mind, however, this is a general guideline. You may have to tweak these tips a little bit depending on what gear you decide to bring on a hike.”

Good read … enjoy!

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