The American Hiking Society: National Trails Day!

According to the American Hiking Society, America has 200,000 miles of trails for us hikers to explore. Whether it’s solitude, exploration, recreation, meditatino, inspiration, or more … getting in touch with nature and the magnitude of our world can be a breathtaking experience.

National Trails Day is a celebration of these trails. It has evolved from a report of President Reagan’s President’s Commission on Americans Outdoors in 1987 to a movement to be on the trails and celebrate them.

Why celebrate these trails?

According to the American Hiking Society:

“America’s 200,000 miles of trails allow us access to the natural world for recreation, education, exploration, solitude, inspiration, and much more. Trails take us to good physical and mental health by providing us with a chance to breathe fresh air, get our hearts pumping, and escape from our stresses.”

Whether a small park and a four hour day hike, or a week long excursion into the wilderness, make sure to take time to “smell the dirt”!

Check out the American Hiking Society National Trails Day WebPage

(And don’t necessarily wait for National Trails Day to take to the trails! But utilize it to get your other friends out there!)

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