The Appalachian Trail, All 2000 Miles Of It, Are Yours For The Hiking

In our scouring of the internet for great news and stories on hiking, hiking backpacks, and what not, we found this great story about two high school graduates in New Haven, CT who hiked all 2,000 miles of the Appalachain Trail.

It’s a really great story when two young men, both 18 years old, go on such an incredible journey – hiking is such a great metaphor for various challenges in life.

Friends since kindergarten, Joe Stein and Adam Kelley left town March 9 and returned July 13. Both are 18.

Stein said only about 500 hikers complete the trail annually. The young men said the timing was right to take up the adventure.

Kelley said it was something he wanted to accomplish and asked Stein to participate. Stein said he definitely wanted to go, especially after securing enough credits to graduate. ?I wanted to see what this type of a lifestyle was like and challenge myself to see if I could do it,? he said.

(And looking at the photo they didn’t even have the small size internal frame backpacks!)

(Firmly said tongue in cheek!)

Great inspiring story!

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