Yahoo Summer Workouts: The Pole Hiking Workout

As summer vacations come and go, as more people head outdoors, we are fortunate to be able to blend exercise and recreation and mother nature into one activity: hiking.

Yahoo Summer Sports/Workout Series brings light to another type of hiking: Pole Hiking

The article is really good including some of the great benefits of pole hiking:

“Hiking poles come in a variety of sizes, types and materials. Hiking poles are essential for individuals with joint and muscle pain because it lessens the impact on your musculoskeletal system. For trekkers who do not experience joint or muscle pain, hiking poles have other benefits. Hiking without poles is a lower body workout that strengthens the legs, calves and glutes. Hikers without poles will swing their arms and thus uses the core muscles to move them forward. Using hiking poles distributes the workout to both the upper and lower body.”

Just don’t forget to bring your hiking backpack!!

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