Finding Peace And Purpose Through Hiking

Came across a great article today in the Tampa Bay Times about a man finding peace and purpose through hiking along the the Appalachian Trail.

Tom McCarthy says he has loved exploring the outdoors since he was a kid and has continued to find hiking as an opportunity for epiphany and enlightenment

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Hiking In The Autumn .. A Lovely Time Of Year

As most of the summer hiking winds down we get back in touch with the seasons of change by hiking in the autumn.

Seeing the world change gives us a great feeling in life about our own lifestyles, our own paces, our own priorities.

There is a great article at on hiking in the autumn.

“Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year to be out in the woods and mountains. The summer heat is gone ? as are the bugs! The mornings begin with a crisp hint of the colder weather to come, but then most days warm up ? and if one is fortunate enough to get a sun shining day, the temperatures can be perfect for a long day of hiking.”

Enjoy the article please!

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