Another Great Guide For Hiking With Kids

Here at Hiking Backpack Reviews we always advocate

1) hiking as a metaphor for life

2) how to get our kids involved in hiking early!

Another great article has come across our desk here.

Especially in this day and age of electronics and the internet (ironic isn’t it that you’re reading that here?), we love to advocate getting back to nature. That is something you can never substitute.

“Hiking is a wonderful way to reconnect with your family. Not only are you getting exercise and fresh air, you’re also getting away from the distractions of TV and computers. It’s satisfying to watch your children’s eyes refocus on the wide world around them.”

Check it out!

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Free Hiking Guide for Those Hiking In Snohomish County

While we mainly deal with hiking in general and various hiking gear and hiking backpacks, if you happen to be living or hiking in Snohomish County (Washington State), Craig Romano, one of Washington’s top hiking guide authors, has put out a FREE hiking guide for Snohomish county.

You can Download it here and while we on the staff here (California and Arizona based) may not make it up there anytime soon, we love hiking, hiking guides, and free stuff (and even cheap but good quality stuff!!)

However, after going through this 50+ illustrated guide with some really nice scenic photos, we’ve come to two conclusions

1) We may after all find ourselves up in the great Northwest in Snohomish to hike

2) There are just too many great places to hike!

3) How can there be too many great places to hike? Too many? Never!


Make sure to check out our Bestselling Hiking Backpacks list if you haven’t!

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