Teton Sports 5200 Internal Frame Backpack

Teton Sports does it again with a high quality internal frame backpack for hiking and camping. Introducing the Teton Sports 5200 Internal Frame Backpack. How good (or bad) is it? Let’s find out:

Teton Sports 5200 Internal Frame BackpackPrice Range: $70 – $90

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Dimensions: 34″ x 16″ x 13″ (Full Capacity)

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Capacity: 5200 cubic inches / 85 Liters

Rugged Internal Frame

Dual aluminum stays adjust to your back’s contour

Padded supports (shoulder strap, waist belt, lumbar area)

Teton Sports Explorer 5200 Internal Frame Backpack Product Information

The Teton Sports Explorer 5200 hiking backpack is packed with features normally found only on more expensive backpacks. The specs are very similar to the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 but a larger capacity of 5200 cubic inches making it a perfect hiking backpack for a week long hiking trip.

A full length adjustable torso allows this pack to be adjusted for a wide variety of heights and sizes. The padded back and airflow system provides padding in the perfect spots for comfort and security while allowing substantial airflow to prevent your back from getting too hot. For comfort on long hikes includes contoured shoulder, lumbar, and hip pads.

A lot of organizational space is in this hiking backpack for your belongings including side zippered pockets, mesh pockets, and a top zippered pocket provide plenty of room for smaller accessories. A top-loading main compartment and a sleeping bag compartment complete the pack. Also features a very convenient removable hood can be used as a waist pack. The material seems durable and there is a good deal of padding along the back and straps for a comfortable fit. It also has a quickly accessible rain cover which will definitely come in handy during those surprise thunderstorms.

What’s To Like About The Teton Sports Explorer 5200 Internal Frame Backpack

  • A lot of pockets for organization: top loading main compartment, sleeping bag compartment, hideaway side pockets
  • Includes bright yellow attached rain fly.
  • Compatible with most hydration systems
  • Perfect backpack for a week long outings camping and hiking trip
  • Lots of adjustments available to vary fit
  • Very affordable for a hiking backpack of this quality
  • Roomy sleeping bag compartment
  • Good quality materials used in construction for this hiking backpack
  • Teton Sports has excellent customer service

Be aware of..

  • Some backpacks reportedly come with clips or straps already busted in which case you will need to work with customer support.
  • Unlike the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 which can accommodate hikers over six feet tall, the Teton Sports 5200 max height is closer to 5’9″ and 5’10″.
  • On the heavier side of internal frame backpacks
  • Side water bottle holders a bit short
  • Possibly TOO MANY straps (can be a bit overwhelming)
  • Zippers can stick

Overall: We highly recommend this bag for anyone who doesn’t yet have the equipment to pack lighter for backpacking trips. It’s a fairly heavy bag, but it’s built so well, it’s really easy to carry. Perfect hiking backpack for beginning backpackers going on long camping/hiking trips, even good for experienced hikers. NOT good for ultra-light backpacking, but if you are reading this review, that probably doesn’t pertain to you. TheTeton Sports Explorer 5200 Internal Frame Backpack is a great buy. Lots of bang for your buck.

What Buyers Are Saying:

“I took it to Belize and it rained hard almost half the time we were there. This bag was tough and kept quite a bit of stuff dry. I was there over a week and could not have made it without this bag. I bought my brother the red one and he equally appreciated it…(READ MORE)”

“This pack has excellent features and is a great value for the price. I used this bag on a 4 day backpacking trip in Yosemite and it held up extremely well. The fabric is durable and all of the zippers worked out of the box. A lot of people commented that there are an excessive number of straps on this pack, I don’t think that’s the case at all. If you are packing a lot of gear you’ll find that the straps are well designed to keep the load balanced and where you need it to be as you hike the trail. However, if you are over 6′ tall this bag may not be for you. I am 6’2″ and found the bag to be too small for my torso. As a result, the entire weight of the bag rested on my shoulders regardless of how I adjusted the straps or waist belt. It just wasn’t too comfortable under a heavy load…(READ MORE)”

“Have had this pack for about 5 years now and it has held up to some fairly heavy use including several 50 milers and it is very comfortable. It is heavily padded in the critical areas and has easily accessible pockets which is very convenient. It is not super light. If you are a weight weany this is not your pack. The zippers have held up well. I have had to replace two of the clips over the years (not unreasonable). The only real complaint about the pack would be the water bottle holder are too shallow and smaller water bottles need to be secured or will fall out. Overall a great durable pack at a great price (hard to beat at this price) …(READ MORE)”

* see all reviews here

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

For full details or to buy the Teton Sports Explorer 5200 Internal Frame Backpack now, click here.

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